The Championship (art 5)

In 1997, The University of Florida commissioned Daniel A. Moore to create this painting commemorating the Gators’ 1996 National Championship. It features Danny Wuerffel in the 1997 Nokia Sugar Bowl as he led his team to a 52-20 thrashing of the Florida State Seminoles. The "narrative" of the action in the painting is completed by the inclusion of a pencil sketch in the bottom margin of the print. The sketch shows Wuerffel as he is giving thanks after completing this pass which went for a touchdown. Copyright 1997.

The frame size is approximately 38” x 32”. This is an Artist Proof Edition personally signed by Danny Wuerffel and Daniel Moore! This print is Artist Proof number 43 of 700. This is beautifully framed in a heavy dark brown wooden frame. The main matting is white, with additional orange and blue matting. There are two gold seals in the matting commemorating the 1997 Nokia Sugar Bowl and the University of Florida Gators. See it on eBay here!

Also there is a very large copy of the Certificate of Authenticity at http://rgator.com/Gator-Huddle-certificate.jpg

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